Who We Are

We are Bibi.Pet!! We’re funny curious and slightly bunglers.. we‘re full of Bibi Power and no mission is impossible for us. You can find us busy in a messy kitchen, exploring a jungle or leading a flock. We’re your new buddies for thousands adventures!

The Bibi.Pet Team

How do we play

When we play together you can develop your skills in an easy, funny and safe way..and you’ll not even realize you’re learning!

Match Colors
Simple and intuitive games will lead kids to distinguish different shades of colors
Match Shapes
Associate different shapes using common life objects can develop the perception of space layout and geometry
Logic Games
Thinking is an ability to develop like any other. Our games encourage problem solving from simple life situations
Funny Puzzles
Shapes, colors and logic are simultaneously used in one single game and the result is so funny due to the hilarious pictures of Bibi.Pet messes
Kids Safe
Scenes and environments are designed to amuse and entertain younger kids making them feel in a cosy and protected place, with no danger or drama
The game flow is designed to bring kids step by step into education, making them develop their perceptual ability through the interaction with characters
No Ads
No third-party promotion, even updates for new Bibi.Pet games are protected by parental control
Family Approved
Bibi.Pet Apps are for all the family, educational and interactive for smaller ones and funny for grown ups. Everyone would love to have a Bibi.Pet as a friend!

Bibi.Pet Jungle

Do you think you are brave enough to jump into the adventurous Bibi.Pet Jungle?
There you can find fishing eagles, kangaroo and rhinos looking for hidden treasures, koala on the run and sleepy pandas. What are going to do this time the Bibi.Pet?
Come and find it out in their new fantastic adventure where you can learn drawing paths and objects with lines and develop your logic skills with sorting and association games.


Bibi.Pet Farm

Are you ready for a new Bibi.Pet adventure? This time they’re waiting for you in the Farm!! You could play gathering flocks with shepherd dogs, or help cows making cheese, pick up eggs with chickens and grow vegetables with goats… everyone is super busy at the Farm, but all jobs are fun and easy if Bibi.Pet are guiding us with shapes, colors and logic!!


Bibi.Pet Restaurant

Are you looking for a Bibi.Pet? You can find them all in their first educational app, suitable for children from 2 onwards. In this app kids can match colors of the ingredients, order food by shapes or use logic by associating the objects of the kitchen. Playing like a chef, a dishwasher or a waiter has never been so fun, come and be a guest in the Bibi.Pet Restaurant!



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Bibi Team


Producer & Bibi Mother Language


Software Engineer & Bibi Player


Game Designer & Bibi Artist


Illustrator & Bibi Artist


Animator & Master of Bibi Puppets


Producer & Bibi Supervisor


Programmer & Bibi Friend


Mentor & Bibi Whisperer

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Let us know if you had fun with Bibi.Pet, if you have any suggestions for new adventures or if you need help for the games you are playing with.

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